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Nevermore Studios official website launch!

2014-07-24 16:31:20 by MarcusRaven

So, I've done a few animations on here under the studio name of Raven Animations. That has since evolved into Nevermore Studios, and I've been focusing on game review videos as of late. I'm doing two different review series, OUYA Oh Yeah! and Family Man Gamer. Both now have a new home on the Nevermore Studios website.

Facebook -

OUYA Oh Yeah! is focused on OUYA Games. It attempts to create a positive thought environment about the OUYA as an alternative to console gaming, while presenting each game based on its own merit. The series rates each game on a 5-point scale based on its graphics, sound, music, control, gameplay, and content. Each video tries to forget that the "Big Three" even exist, and brings attention to the OUYA in a positive and respectful light.

Family Man Gamer broadens the focus to games for any system, but brings the focus in on the appropriateness of the game in a family environment. Reviews are scored twice with the 5-point scale; once for the game on its own merit, and again for its pertinence to a family situation. The goal of this series is to bring attention to the game ratings, the reason for their ratings, and what should be considered in playing a game with or around the family. It does not condemn purchasing potentially inappropriate games, but instead encourages creating proper practices for playing said games in a manner that is appropriate for a family. For example: the latest Mario game is wonderfully appropriate to play with and around a family with small children, but the latest Castlevania would be better enjoyed when the children are not around or asleep.

Both series are open to user interaction in the form of requesting games to be reviewed. I schedule the review order, and right now alternate between the two series. Currently working on Family Man Gamer Ep 2 - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

The website is still being cleaned up, as I'm still linking my animation archive back here to NG. (The hosting space has been a gift, so I'm not overloading it with the SWFs.) A few more ad banners will pop up here and there (gotta pay for production costs somehow), but I'm limiting it so my site stays fairly clean.

I hope you all enjoy it. You can help out by sharing, liking the Facebook page, and leaving comments for review requests on the YouTube videos or using the contact form on the site.


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2014-07-24 17:17:41

I wish you the best luck, keeping up a whole website could be a bit "challenging" :)

MarcusRaven responds:

Thanks a lot. I'm hoping that as my video series continue, I'll generate more traffic. I'm not finding a lot of difficulty in making the videos, just finding the TIME to do so.


2014-07-24 21:57:43

the hole boy


2014-07-25 13:52:30

Yes, the matter is always find the time to do all... good luck!

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